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International Students and Employment

The Career Services Office is available to assist International Students by providing resources in preparing for appropriate off campus experiences including internships and career related employment opportunities.  Students are encouraged to schedule an appointment with a Career Services staff member.

Review the 7 Steps for Completing Your CPT.  Refer to this checklist or contact the Career Services Office by phone 302-225-6256 or email careers@gbc.edu with any questions related to your CPT.

International Students need to familiarize themselves with the International Student Regulations and Reporting Requirements.

If you are on an F-1 visa, there are several federal policies and regulations you must follow before requesting or accepting Curriculum Practical Training (CPT) employment.  Listed below are the rules and regulations to follow when applying for CPT.

It is the studentís responsibility to comply with all immigration regulations and policies at GBC which apply to F-1 students, including employment regulations.
Working without the proper authorization is a serious violation of a student's F-1 status. If the student fails to comply with federal CPT regulations, the student may not be eligible for benefits normally granted to F-1 students and in some situations, may be subject to loss of employment.  Students are not permitted to work for more than one employer when approved for CPT.  A student is limited to one request to change employers within a 12 month period of a CPT employment authorization that appears on the form I-20.  CPT will be canceled if student is unable to maintain class attendance.  PRIOR TO ACCEPTING ANY EMPLOYMENT IN THE USA, THE STUDENT IS URGED TO CONSULT WITH A GOLDEY-BEACOM COLLEGE DESIGNATED SCHOOL OFFICIAL (DSO) WHILE ENROLLED.

Curricular Practical Training (CPT)

The U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) defines Curricular Practical Training as employment which is an integral part of an established curriculum, including alternative work/study, internship, cooperative education, or any other type of required internship or practicum, which is offered by sponsoring employers through cooperative agreements with the school.  According to INS the word "required" does not always limit this type of practical training to work experience, which are required parts of the curriculum.

Every CPT Application Form and CPT Employer and Student Agreement Form is reviewed to ensure that the job description for each request submitted for approval is directly related to the student's degree program. CPT will not be approved for a second degree if the job duties are not related to the new degree program. Additionally, an employer may be requested to verify that work obligations will not interfere with class meetings and/or disclose the office locations of clients that the employee may be working with to complete projects.

Students who are new to the College or re-enter the College in a given period of enrollment will not be approved to begin Curricular Practical Training (CPT) until after the attendance in the first class meeting of session is verified by the Designated School Official.

Required CPT Paperwork:

  1. CPT Employer and Student Agreement Form for International Students
  2. CPT Application Form for International Students
  3. Student Resume
  4. Job description on company letterhead signed by student's employer.
  • How are International Students eligible for CPT at Goldey-Beacom College?

    Undergraduate F-1 students

    • Must be full time for one full academic year (9 months) at GBC before they can engage in curricular practical training.
    • Undergraduate students must be in good academic standing with at least a 2.75 GPA to apply for CPT and cannot have any outstanding financial obligations owed to the college.
    • The CPT is registered as a 3 credit internship course or 1 credit course if there are no more electives remaining in the student's schedule. The student will be charged for the registered credits at the current tuition rate.
    • Optional Practical Training (OPT) eligibility may be affected by full time CPT.
    • The CPT must fulfill the same obligations and requirements as the Internship For Credit Program, with the job being directly related to the student's major field of study.  The student cannot work more than 20 hours per week.

    Graduate F-1 students

    • Must have completed one full academic year (9 months) as an F-1 student (undergraduate or graduate) before they can engage in curricular practical training. One year of full time enrollment can be at any accredited college or university in the USA.
    • To be eligible to apply to the CPT program, graduate students must be in good academic standing maintaining a 3.0 cumulative grade point average (cgpa) and cannot have any outstanding owed obligations to the College.
    • The CPT must be registered as a 1 credit course and the student will be charged for 1 credit at the current tuition rate.
    • The CPT must fulfill the same obligations as an internship or co-op with the job responsibilities being directly related to the student's major field of study and the student cannot work more than 20 hours per week unless approved for full time employment by the Career Services Office, with written documentation from their employer with the intent to sponsor an H1b visa within the year.
    • Optional Practical Training (OPT) eligibility may be affected by full time CPT.
  • What are other things that need to be considered?

    To be considered for CPT, the work must not only be directly related to the student's major field of study, but must also be an integral or important part of his/her studies.  For the benefit of the studentís educational experience, it is recommended that the work site be an established business with a minimum of 10 employees to provide the appropriate training and guidance to the studentís learning objectives.  Additionally, for the safety of our students, the CPT work site must be non-residential.

    The student must physically work in jobs located no farther north of the College than the New York City area and no further south than the Washington, DC, area. Jobs must also be located no farther west than Harrisburg, Pennsylvania. These are areas deemed reasonable driving distances from the Collegeís Wilmington, Delaware location. The actual location of where the job duties will be performed must be included in the studentís job hire letter. The College reserves the right to deny approval for any job that is not within these location parameters.

    Students are required to consult with their academic advisor about their particular academic program and eligibility for CPT before accepting any offer of employment.

    If the student is eligible, he/she will need to meet with a Career Services staff member and retrieve the appropriate application materials for CPT/Internship from the Career Services web page. Once approved for the CPT, the one credit CPT will be registered and the student will be charged at the current tuition rate.

  • How many hours can a student work per week while involved with part time CPT?

    Employment cannot exceed 20 hours per week while the student is enrolled in classes. The employment authorization on the third page of the I-20 copy will specify permission to engage in part time CPT as well as start and end dates. An F1 student enrolled in a graduate program may be approved to work full-time CPT in certain situations, with the approval of the Designated School Official.

  • How long is the duration of CPT?

    There is a one year limitation upon length of time the student may participate in part time CPT, unless the student graduates before the year is up, then the CPT ends the day of graduation. Students must simultaneously be enrolled in order to maintain lawful F-1 status. Students must re-new their CPT application every year.

  • What standards of conduct must students observe?

    The student needs to keep in mind that he/she represents Goldey-Beacom College at all times. The student is expected to conduct himself/herself in a courteous and businesslike manner and to dress appropriately for the world of work. The student must also adhere to all of the policies and procedures put forth by the employing organization.

  • How do students get their CPT approved?

    Students are not permitted to begin employment until they have received official written approval from a Designated School Official (DSO) for their CPT.  It is illegal to start employment before the CPT is officially approved. This may jeopardize the student's visa status and in some situations, may result in immediate termination of employment.

    1. Before locating employment, the student should consult with his/her academic advisor/DSO to make sure they meet the eligibility requirements and determine if there are elective credits in their schedule for internship credit.
    2. Once employment is located, the student should meet with a Career Services staff member to discuss the work assignment and pick up the appropriate application materials and paperwork.
    3. All relevant application materials must be picked up from the Career Services office and must be completed by the student and employer and turned in immediately for consideration for approval. Students cannot start employment until the CPT is officially approved by a DSO. The CPT application paperwork includes:
      • CPT Employer and Student Agreement Form for International Students signed by the student, employer (internship supervisor) and a Career Services staff member.
      • CPT Application Form for International Students filled out by student, Academic Advisor and employer, and signed for approval by a Career Services staff member, DSO (Designated School Official) and Dean of Enrollment Management (Student can submit form after student and employer complete sections assigned.)
      • Employer Verification and Job Description. This should be typed on a separate sheet of paper on company letterhead signed by the employer (internship supervisor) stating the detailed job description. The job description should include the following information:
        • Accurate and complete description of job duties/responsibilities (must be related to the studentís field of study)
        • Hours of work per week (no more than 20, unless approved by Director of Career Services when H1b visa sponsorship is pending.)
        • Beginning and ending dates (cannot be more than one year.)
        • Signed by the immediate supervisor and/ or Human Resources Department
      • Copy of studentís current resume.
    4. All appropriate paperwork must be submitted to the Designated School Official or Career Services office and then submitted to the Advisement Office and Dean of Enrollment Management for approval.
    5. Once the paperwork is turned in and processed, the Career Services staff will formally notify the student by postage mail on approval status and will be given the assignment and due date.
    6. If approved, the student will meet with the Designated School Official (DSO) to obtain a new I-20 Form authorizing CPT employment.
    7. The CPT/ internship course will appear on the studentís schedule for the appropriate session and semester and the student will be charged at the current tuition rate.
    8. The student is required to complete an academic assignment determined by the Chief Academic Officer and will need to submit the written assignment to the Career Services Office by the respected due date to the end of the CPT.
  • Where do students pick up the appropriate application materials to apply for CPT?

    All online application materials for graduate and undergraduate students applying for CPT can be retrieved above. Reading and printing these forms in no way obligates the employer or Goldey-Beacom College to hiring or approving the CPT request. All processes and approvals must be followed which apply to the studentís situation.

  • Who should students contact if they have additional questions when applying for CPT?

    Students can contact the Career Services Office by phone (302) 225-6256, email careers@gbc.edu, or visit the office located in the Joseph West Jones Center in the Department of External Affairs. The Designated School Officials located in the College's Admissions Office (new students) and the Advisement Office and can be reached by phone (302) 225-6265.

  • Where can I search for CPT employment?

    • Network with family, friends, and classmates to discuss CPT opportunities.
    • Register on www.collegecentral.com/gbc (GBC's Career Services Registration Site) to apply for jobs and post your resume for employers to see.(Please note that this Career Services site is only a tool to search for CPT jobs, and the College does not guarantee placement.)
    • Utilize this list of employers who have hired GBC international students for CPTs in the past.(There is no guarantee that these employers are currently hiring students or employees.)
  • What do I need to do to complete my CPT and receive a grade?

    At least two weeks prior to the end of your CPT, you will need to turn in to Career Services two completed documents: one term paper, which meets the attached requirements, and one Employer Evaluation form. These can be emailed, faxed, or dropped off in person. BOTH must be turned in for grading to occur by the Academic Dean. Your grade will appear in Campus Web once grading is completed. You cannot apply for a new CPT or an extension until your last CPT is completed through the grading process.